"FACT: Mike was very personable, fun-loving and flexible with what we wanted to do and
had great suggestions of his own. He was very accommodating and was able to meet with us even when he had a busy lifestyle (moving his family).
The best thing about Mike with our wedding was that he went above and beyond in his dealings with us: making sure that he knew each aspect of our wedding, getting our pictures to us in a timely manner, making sure that we had a bunch of photos to choose our favorites from, giving us a photo and gift album.
Thanks again Mike!"

"Mike was also very thorough in making sure he asked the right questions to the Church prior to the wedding day to make sure there were no surprises during his ceremony photos. He also made sure we created a back up location (plan B) for our outdoor formal photos in case the weather didn't permit. Thankfully the weather was perfect but the piece of mind certainly calmed my Bride.
Thanks Mike"

Lukas & Arlene Doshewnek

"Mike was able to capture the intimate moments Russell and I shared in a way that reflected our relationship so perfectly. He created such a beautiful visual diary of our magical day.
Also, my mom really liked the photo of Lake Louise you took."

Megan Puk

"My husband and I hired Mike to be our photographer for our wedding. It was the best decision! On the day of, he did a great job of taking the pictures without interfering with the ceremony or any part of the day. And the pictures he took were beautiful. Mike was really creative with some of the shots and perfectly captured our special day. My husband and I love looking through the album that Mike made for us and remembering all of those special moments."

Heather Tercier

We have used Mike several times to take family photos and it is comforting using a photographer that does not make you feel pressured and rushed with time. He is very patient with children and can always make them smile. He as a way of capturing the perfect moment with his camera! Mike you are a fantastic person and your photographs are amazing!

Marc & Shara Tardif

Edmonton Alberta
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